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Bring your idea into the world with multimedia, immersive experiences.

Our production and brand development teams are passionate about telling bold and compelling stories. While the bulk of this work occurs virtually, we believe there is nothing as powerful as a real-world experience. Let us take your story to the next level with an immersive, live experience.


Think beyond the boundaries of typical events and enter into the world of truly transformative artistry; we’re talking interactive musical installations for artists looking to perform in new ways, immersive retreats for energy workers longing to give their clients a full-bodied healing experience, hands-on art workshops for companies looking to inspire creativity and embolden innovation in their employees, and more.


Whatever experience you are trying to create, let our team of experts provide the skills, creative vision, and technical know-how to build something that stretches beyond the screen, off the stage, and into the very heart of the viewer. Join us as we build transformative experiences and redefine the boundaries of art.

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Services included in this package: 

  • Collaborative conceptualization of a unique immersive experience

  • Expert art direction guiding the aesthetic and impact of the space

  • Event-planning guidance from our production managers who will help you identify the when, where, and how of the experience

  • A concept deck outlining the opportunity, approach, and details of the experience

  • Documents and resources to support grant applications and funding efforts for the event 

  • Landing page design and registration templates for the event 

  • Overview of the suggested marketing and social media strategy to promote the experience

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