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Our expert brand development team will help you build a unique and compelling online identity for your brand.

Whether starting a business or rebranding an existing company, creating a powerful online presence is about more than just building a website. It’s about building a complete brand identity and digital strategy that will transform your brilliant idea into an irresistible online personality.


With this package, you’re getting more than just a collection of branding and marketing services; you’re getting expert guidance on how to make your brand thrive in the online marketplace.


Our design expert will help you establish a visual identity for your brand that brings the energy and mission through in your logo, website design, business cards, and beyond. Meanwhile, our brand voice consultant will help you determine the attitude and wording to use when talking about your brand, be it through catchy taglines, detailed website copy, social media captions, and the like.


Throughout the process, our digital marketing specialist will create a comprehensive marketing strategy to determine how best to bring this brand into the world, all while setting up important back-end tools like SEO integration and strategic web mapping.


Bring your offerings online with a BANG or elevate your company’s current online presence with our comprehensive brand development package.


Services included in this package: 

  • Creative brand identity consultation and conceptualization 

  • Full design package, including logo design, business cards, and a business stationary set

  • Strategic website design, development, and full SEO and analytics integrations

  • Brand narrative, key messaging, and brand voice guidelines

  • Visual identity and brand identity style guidelines

  • Unique and compelling templates for newsletters, social media posts, and digital ads 

  • Creative concepting and strategic development of key social media accounts and online profiles (including directory listings and google business accounts) 

  • Detailed competitive analysis and thorough buyer’s persona 

  • 12-month digital marketing strategy and comprehensive training on how to activate this strategy 

  • Best-practices guide for continued use of SEO, Google Analytics, Organic & Paid Social Strategy, and Lead Generation Ads

Discover Our Creative Process



1. Identifying the Vision

2. Brand Consultations & Development

3. Intro Video / Audio



4. Exploring Complementary Opportunities

5. Idea Generation & Creative Concepting

6. Campaign Strategy & Messaging



7. Connecting Critical Creatives

8. Full-Scale Production of Engaging Content

9. Detailed Feedback Review Process



10. Market Launch Support

11. Data & Social Impact Analysis

12. Longterm Strategy Assessment

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