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IKE SERIES, ABU GARCIA animated videos

Role: Director, Motion Graphics, 3D Animations, Music Composition, Sound Design, Editing

Creatives: Tanya Gupta, David Groeneweg & Alex Grene | Date: 2020

Our creative members Tanya, David, and Alex had the opportunity to work with Pure Fishing to create a series of three animated videos for Abu Garcia and pro-angler Mike Iaconelli's new IKE Series of combo's, designed specifically for the next generation of young anglers as they progress and learn to fish. 

With the objective of appealing to a vast demographic of "cool kids" and their parents while maintaining Abu Garcia's Fish to Win brand, our members produced the visuals, music and sounds for the IKE Series promo along with two 3D animated "How-To" videos for the new EZ Cast Combo. 

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