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THE JOHN CRAIGIE MOVIE feature music documentary

Role: Direction, Production, Post-Production | Members: Tanya Gupta & Sarah Dittmore | Date: 2018-Present

"A Craigie performance is not just a music show, it’s a collective experience."


We have had the beautiful opportunity to follow the fiercely independent folk artist and humorous storyteller John Craigie on the road through New Mexico, California, Portland, and the UK to shed an honest light on the often fantasized life of career musicians.  From community clubs to on stage with Jack Johnson in Albuquerque, The John Craigie movie explores what goes into building a career as a musician, the intricacies of going on tour, and the ups-and-downs of life in the music industry. 


What does it take to make a living as a musician? What does life on tour really look like? How does someone go from studying Mathematics in Santa Cruz, California to performing night-after-night to sold out audiences across the nation? Join us as we follow folk musician John Craigie around the world and discover what it really takes for an artist to "make it".

Estimated Release Date: 2021

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