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What is The Enlivened Collective?

How young were you when you first learned the definition of “impossible”? Can you even remember the first time someone told you one of your ideas could never become a reality? At The Enlivened Collective we don’t believe in “impossible”. Or at least, we think the word needs to be redefined.

How The Enlivened Collective is redefining the impossible

I was three when I first heard the word, “impossible.” I was sobbing in my mother’s arms because my brother had just informed me it was impossible for me to be a dog when I grew up. I was stuck being human and I was not happy about it. It was the first time one of my dreams would be called impossible, but not the last.

At The Enlivened Collective we are challenging the traditional definitions of what is possible and what is impossible. Okay, so we aren’t going as far as telling toddlers they can morph into dogs (cross-species transformation is not our expertise), but we are going to fight the millions of voices that have spent years telling us our ideas are too crazy, our dreams too wild.

The Enlivened Collective team believes in a simple approach: you can’t know what is possible or impossible until you try. Which is why we are traveling the world, collecting as many ideas as we can get our hands on (the wilder the better), and doing everything in our power to bring them to life.

Yes, but what exactly does The Enlivened Collective do?

We take ideas and we turn them into realities. From feature films to coffee shops, we help people like you turn your dreams into living, breathing things. The Enlivened Collective is made up of a team of artists and creative professionals who are experts in their fields. We’re talking graphic designers, cinematographers, writers, web developers, and so much more. When someone comes to us with an idea (or even just the inkling of an idea), we gather our team, pull together the necessary creatives, and start brainstorming.

We will help grow your idea into a foundation from which we can build something spectacular. Whether it’s designing a brand and helping market your new company or writing and animating your short film, our team is dedicated to helping create something we can all be proud of.

How you can join our movement

Want help manifesting your vision? Check out our services page or send us an email so we can discuss what it would take to bring your idea to life.

If you are an artist who would like to join The Enlivened Collective, fill out our “join the movement” form. We are always looking for more creative individuals to bring their talents and creativity to The Enlivened Collective.

Of course, you can join the movement without working directly with us. Stop using the word, “impossible”. Try something new today. Create. Go out on a limb. Do something that makes your heart beat a little faster. Because if each and everyone of us comes alive, before you know it we will all be part of the enlivened collective.

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