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Meet The Enlivened Collective’s Founders

The Enlivened Collective's Founders

Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe is one of the most peaceful places on Earth. You have to know about it to find it, but even then you could easily miss the small trail leading down to the water. But once you climb down the trail and settle yourself on one of the sun-drenched boulders, a serenity sets in that makes it all worth the search. This is where The Enlivened Collective first started.

It was hardly an idea then. Our founders, Tanya Gupta and Sarah Dittmore, lounged on two adjacent rocks, their thoughts drifting in and out with the same lethargy of the clouds that moved across the bright blue sky. Even the sapphire water of Lake Tahoe moved with a kind of laziness as they lapped the edges of the rocks. Everything was still.

Hidden Beach, California

But sometimes stillness is exactly what you need to start a fire

Their minds were working separately, but both women were dreaming of a different life. They each longed to be surrounded by creative people in a space where ideas flowed like wine at a wedding and every creative project was embraced with unleveled enthusiasm.

It would be days before the two women would come up with the words, “The Enlivened Collective,” let alone a business plan or even a clear vision for the company. But in that moment, though neither of them knew it yet, The Enlivened Collective was born. And though it would be days before they spoke of it and weeks before they started building it, The Enlivened Collective will always hold a bit of the magic of Hidden Beach at its core.

How our founders brought The Enlivened Collective to life

The Enlivened Collective's Founders, Sarah and Tanya

Tanya and Sarah both dreamt of a world where “impossible” was an outdated phrase and every idea was greeted with an eager team of artists ready to give it a try. Both women loved seeing people follow their dreams. Both women loved helping people turn their dreams into a reality. And both women wanted to help more people bring more ideas to life.

But the first step was to breathe life into their own dreams. So they built the foundation of The Enlivened Collective in a day of intense brainstorming and wild dreaming. Every day since they have been adding bricks and now The Enlivened Collective has broken through from the realm of idea into the realm of reality.

The founding of The Enlivened Collective was proof that with a dedicated team of creative individuals, anything is possible. Now Sarah and Tanya are working hard to bring the same energy and creativity to ideas around the world.

A little bit more about our founders

The Enlivened Collective's Founders in Yosemite

Tanya Gupta came up with the original idea for The Enlivened Collective based on the experience she had living and creating in New York City. For years she’d been calling up various creative friends and pulling them together to help another friend manifest their creative vision. That’s when she realized that it would make a lot of sense to have a collective of artists dedicated to doing this every single day. She wants The Enlivened Collective to be a one-stop shop where people can bring their ideas to our team of creative experts and we can respond with, “yeah, let’s do it!”

Enlivened Collective Founder, Tanya Gupta

Sarah Dittmore was dreaming of a world where creativity was the norm. After spending five months traveling through Central and South America, ending with a trip to Oregon for the Oregon Country Fair, she was longing to find a way to collaborate with various artists from various mediums and bring new energy to the creative revolution. She was searching for this when Tanya came along with her idea for The Enlivened Collective. Sarah jumped on the idea, throwing her own creativity and talents into the mix, and together the two women built this inspiring company.

Enlivened Collective Founder, Sarah Dittmore

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