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SEARCHING FOR KIKHIA feature documentary

Role: Branding, Treatment, Production Management, Video Editing | Director: Jihan Kikhia | Date: 2016-Present

On a humanitarian mission to Cairo, Egypt in 1993 human rights lawyer and former Libyan Foreign Minister Mansur Rashid Kikhia disappeared without a trace. Considered a hero in Libyan and international communities, his obsessive loyalty to Libya and determination to reason with the Qaddafi’s regime led to his disappearance and eventual death.

Searching for Kikhia is a feature length documentary directed by Jihan Kikhia who explores her father’s disappearance and pieces together her mother’s journey through a political labyrinth to find him.

We worked closely with the director to write and design a full length and one page treatment for the film. Afterwards we continued working together to develop the film's brand identity and produce design content. We continue to support the film as Production Managers, Assistant Editors, and Designers. Below are some samples of content we've produced on so far.

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