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SEE THE WOMEN feature documentary

Date: 2020-Present

A set of Indigenous womxn artists demonstrate reclamation of their spirits and identity through individual artistic practices while addressing the historical and present trauma that many womxn and children face in their community.

See the Women follows 3-4 Indigenous womxn who are using art and ceremony to reclaim their spirits and navigate trauma. As they manage their daily lives, make art and offer their work to the community, they share their personal stories, which sometimes intertwine into a multi-dimensional history of the American Indian Movement. 


Alongside the protagonists of the story, a chorus of voices narrate cultural and historical truths that speak to the past, present, and future of Indigenous womxn. These truths include the heartbreaking stories and staggering statistics of Missing Murdered Indigenous Women, the effects of trauma (personally and intergenerationally), forgotten Indigenous tools and ceremony for facing this pain, and the role of men and nature in womxn’s reclamation.


As each artist shares their story and personal artistic practice, the film breaks the romantic ideals of healing and activism, bringing to light personal accounts of Indigenous womxn and children who have been left unprotected by their communities. It honors the womxn and youth who have disappeared and/or been silenced by creating space for them to finally be seen.  


Throughout the film, we explore how, through art, Indigenous womxn are discovering who they were before harm entered their lives and how in “going back for each other,” these womxn find themselves. 

See the Women seeks to empower other womxn and children to reclaim their identity, spirit and place on Earth.

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