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Work with our brilliant production team to transform your story into a mindblowing visual experience.


You have a story to tell. However, you lack certain tools and expertise needed to tell that story. We get it; a good idea is only half the battle.


To bring a story to life you need a team of seasoned experts dedicated to their craft. You need a team that can handle every detail of the storytelling process with a deft hand and incredible eye for detail.


Whether you’re working on a short film, a documentary, a feature-length movie, or have a story you’re not quite sure how to tell, our experienced production team can help. Our expert story consultant will help identify the key throughlines of your story and transform it into a compelling narrative so that your story resonates with your target audience.


Simultaneously, our creative director will help clarify the artistic vision, branding, and visual personality of your project so that, be it your teaser, website, or pitch deck, the artistic voice of your story shines through.


Combine these creative services with our diligent production work, including guided production support and detailed creation of all necessary production documents, and you’ll have everything you need to get your story off the ground and into the world.

Services included in this package: 

  • Story consultation and development

  • Creative direction and stylistic guidance 

  • Logo, branding, and website development

  • Creation of pitch deck and film treatment

  • Full-scale production of teaser video including original music composition

  • Draft of core application for documentaries

  • A selection of director’s statements and synopses for various applications 

  • Pre-production support such as financial templates, a detailed grants database, master contact and reference sheets, media releases, cast database, timeline and budget tools, and more

  • Personalized support with weekly production calls and additional as-needed meetings


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