TIME MOVES ON music video

Role: Songwriting, Voice & Music, Cinematography & Editing | Artist: David & The Circumstances | Date: 2017-2019

Singer-songwriter and The Enlivened Collective's member David Groeneweg writes songs about existential questions, light, darkness and the twilight in between. His lyrics explore the unclear borderline between “me” and “the circumstances”, the river and the sea, perfection and imperfection. 

We worked closely with David to film and edit this single. Filmed over a period of 3 years on trains in Holland, the New Jersey-New York train, the (driverless) DLR train in London between Deptford and Canary Wharf, the Brussels-London train, a drive through the English countryside and from Tanya's car during various drives around New Jersey in the cold and snowy winter.

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